Jadakiss Talks The Lox, Biggie’s Legacy, Bad Boy & 50 Cent Beef

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People's Party with Talib Kweli

Jadakiss Talks The Lox, Biggie’s Legacy, Bad Boy & 50 Cent Beef

S1, Ep. 41

In this episode of People’s Party, Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh sit down with rapper, writer and true curator of the culture — Jadakiss. This comprehensive discussion kicks off with talk of Jada and Talib’s shared birth year of ’75, and their witnessing of hop-hop’s biggest points of evolution at the perfect age, both having grown up in its epicenter of New York City.

They also discuss Talib’s appreciation of the Lox for showing him love at the beginning of his career, while he struggled for mainstream success. They reflect on Jada growing up in Yonkers, and the emcees that inspired him most during those early years. The trio also explores what went into the makings of some of the classic recordings Jadakiss was involved with, like “All About The Benjamins,” “24 Hours To Live,” “We’ll Always Love Big Poppa,” as well as albums such as “The Last Kiss,” “Kiss Tha Game Goodbye,” “Top 5 Dead or Alive,” “Freddy vs. Jason,” and his latest project “Ignatius” — dedicated to his close friend and business partner Ice Pick Jay, who recently passed. Jada describes the challenges he had while recording that album, at times fighting back tears.