Robert Plant’s music is the result of a lifetime striding around the globe, from The Midlands to Morocco, from Nashville to North Wales, and the influences and friends collected along the way can be heard in his songs. In this podcast he'll delve into his back catalogue.

  • Big Log

    Big Log

    S2, Ep. 6

    You’re probably familiar with the idea of musicians (especially Robert) describing their career as a journey, but sometimes songs go on travels themselves. Since being recorded for Robert’s second solo...
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  • Carry Fire

    Carry Fire

    S2, Ep. 5

    In this episode, we get to know the title track from Robert’s most recent album from 2017. Ably supported by The Sensational Space Shifters, it’s another whirling blend of sounds...
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  • Monkey


    S2, Ep. 4

    In 2010, Robert assembled a new group — The Band of Joy — and recorded an album of the same name. It included cover versions old and new by artists...
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  • Battle Of Evermore

    Battle Of Evermore

    S2, Ep. 3

    One of the joys of this series is that we span the whole of Robert’s career so far. We also get to enjoy the rare pleasure of the man himself...
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  • Ohio


    S2, Ep. 2

    Robert discusses “Ohio,” recorded for Patty Griffin’s 2013 album “American Kid.”
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  • Tin Pan Valley

    Tin Pan Valley

    S2, Ep. 1

    A new season of Digging Deep! New songs, new stories and new journeys to take. Season 2 finds us once again in the company of Robert and this time we...
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  • I Get A Thrill

    I Get A Thrill

    S1, Ep. 6

    In the final episode of the first series, we discover what happened when Robert Plant got into the studio with a collection of legendary guitar gunslingers like Jeff Beck, Nile...
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  • Nothin’


    S1, Ep. 5

    In 2007 Robert and Alison Krauss released an album called “Raising Sand.” Something of an instant classic, its huge Grammy-winning success is only superseded by the beautiful musicianship and stunning...
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  • Like I’ve Never Been Gone

    Like I’ve Never Been Gone

    S1, Ep. 4

    The next stop on our musical map is Robert’s first post-Led Zeppelin album, “Pictures at Eleven,” from 1982. A step into brand new territory, but which featured a killer list...
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  • Achilles Last Stand

    Achilles Last Stand

    S1, Ep. 3

    This episode covers one of the most epic Led Zeppelin songs as Robert reveals the story and personal trauma behind the mighty “Achilles Last Stand.” Starting our journey at the...
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  • Bones Of Saints

    Bones Of Saints

    S1, Ep. 2

    Robert’s next choice of song is “Bones Of Saints,” a track from his 2017 album “Carry Fire,” and this week he tackles Henryk Górecki, the Welsh mountains of Bala, the...
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  • Calling To You

    Calling To You

    S1, Ep. 1

    We start our journey with a track lifted from the 1993 album “Fate Of Nations” with Robert looking back at the creation of a pretty bold song lifted from that...
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