Every album tells a story. Introducing "Final Sessions," a new audio documentary series about music's most notable releases. The first season is a 4-part limited series detailing the long and fascinating narrative behind "Losst And Founnd," singer and songwriter Harry Nilsson's last album of new music.

  • #4: Cut To An Old Man, Thinking ’bout His Life Span

    #4: Cut To An Old Man, Thinking ’bout His Life Span

    S1, Ep. 4

    He sang about love and death — sometimes in the same song — up until the very end. Harry Nilsson, says one friend, had a boxing problem with God. Harry’s...
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  • #3: You’ve Had a Buckeroo Day

    #3: You’ve Had a Buckeroo Day

    S1, Ep. 3

    In 1967, as he was recording his first album, Harry Nilsson made a startling discovery: the father he thought killed in World War II was still alive. His music dreamed...
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  • #2: There’s No More Yesterday

    #2: There’s No More Yesterday

    S1, Ep. 2

    John Lennon and Paul McCartney declared Harry Nilsson their favorite artist and invited him to London during the recording of the White Album. He wrote and recorded with all four...
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  • #1: Rescuing The Rescue Boy

    #1: Rescuing The Rescue Boy

    S1, Ep. 1

    Harry Nilsson was one of the greatest singers and songwriters of the 1970s, but by the time of his death in 1994 he hadn’t released an album for more than...
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  • Preview — Season 1

    Preview — Season 1

    S1, Ep. 0

    A preview of Final Sessions, season 1, centered on Harry Nilsson’s “Losst And Founnd.”
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