Everyone has a story. Especially when it comes to working in the music world. We’ll speak to people across every role of an artist's team, from the assistants to the CEOs, and across labels, agencies, venues and studios.

  • Grace James

    Grace James

    S1, Ep. 6

    Right place, right time. That’s how Grace James explains her start in the music industry. She randomly caught a music business panel at NYU, “got up the nerve” to “ask...
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  • Caiti Green

    Caiti Green

    S1, Ep. 5

    When interning at different music labels and PR companies around New York City in her early days, Caiti Green had a very simple diet. “I’m completely, 100% serious when I...
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  • Gina Tucci

    Gina Tucci

    S1, Ep. 4

    When Gina Tucci’s musician and producer father would present work to A&R at labels, at times they would “rip apart the records.” But Tucci had an unexpected reaction to observing...
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  • Mara Frankel

    Mara Frankel

    S1, Ep. 3

    Connection. If one word could sum up Mara Frankel’s place in the music world, it might be connection. After all, as Senior Creative Director of Brand Partnerships at Atlantic Records,...
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  • Pete Ganbarg

    Pete Ganbarg

    S1, Ep. 2

    From the very beginning, Pete Ganbarg loved music. He listened to everything he could get his hands on. He pored over copies of Billboard Magazine, starting at age 13. And...
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  • Zeena Koda

    Zeena Koda

    S1, Ep. 1

    Zeena Koda has done just about everything in the music world. She toured and played in a band. She interned at a record label, working heavy metal albums. She was...
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  • Preview — Season 1

    Preview — Season 1

    S1, Ep. 0

    Everyone has a story. Especially when it comes to working in the music world.
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