Jefferson Studios talks to artists about songs they made, songs they like, and songs they’d like to have made. It’s an inside look into the craft of making music from the artists themselves.

  • Jealous of the Birds

    Jealous of the Birds

    S3, Ep. 9

    The differences between poetry and lyricism, developing a deep love of Nirvana, and starting up her very own podcast. It’s all touched on in this introduction to critically-lauded Jealous of...
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  • Dusty Springfield (Women of Atlantic)

    Dusty Springfield (Women of Atlantic)

    S3, Ep. 7

    An examination of the musical icon, with guest and biographer Karen Bartlett (“Dusty: An Intimate Portrait of a Musical Legend”) helping to guide listeners through the extraordinary and, at times,...
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  • Hayley Kiyoko (Women of Atlantic)

    Hayley Kiyoko (Women of Atlantic)

    S3, Ep. 6

    Following female homosexuality and bisexuality throughout popular music, Women of Atlantic host Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy builds to singer-songwriter Hayley Kiyoko as one of the next to carry on this critical...
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  • Sister Sledge (Women of Atlantic)

    Sister Sledge (Women of Atlantic)

    S3, Ep. 5

    Kathy Sledge, founding member of Sister Sledge, joins to discuss the legendary group’s beginnings, the legacy of disco, and more. “Respect: The Women of Atlantic” is a special series on...
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  • MILCK (Women of Atlantic)

    MILCK (Women of Atlantic)

    S3, Ep. 4

    The art of the protest song is tracked throughout music history, while an extended conversation with singer-songwriter and activist MILCK anchors our journey. Following our history lesson, MILCK explains the...
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  • ABIR (Women of Atlantic)

    ABIR (Women of Atlantic)

    S3, Ep. 3

    For a while, ABIR’s songwriting didn’t quite match her reality. Not having been in one, she was “writing these heartbreaking songs as if I’d been in a 10-year relationship.” But...
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  • Goody Grace

    Goody Grace

    S3, Ep. 2

    A childhood fandom (and eventual tattoo) of Elvis. A deep love of My Chemical Romance and concept records. A range of influences stretching from Taylor Swift to Danzig. With such...
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  • A R I Z O N A

    A R I Z O N A

    S3, Ep. 1

    When songwriting trio A R I Z O N A talks creativity, it’s in lockstep with authenticity. “It’s a funny sort of thing to pursue, because there’s being creative in...
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  • Matt Maeson

    Matt Maeson

    S2, Ep. 9

    Prior to landing at Neon Gold and Atlantic Records, Matt Maeson honed his skills on some daunting stages. As part of his family’s ministry, he played “songs about salvation” at...
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  • Straight No Chaser (Part 4)

    Straight No Chaser (Part 4)

    S2, Ep. 8

    For their new album, “One Shot,” the world-renowned a cappella group wanted tracks relating to their collective journey. First, find out how they put together a Boyz II Men and...
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  • Straight No Chaser (Part 3)

    Straight No Chaser (Part 3)

    S2, Ep. 7

    For their new album, “One Shot,” the world-renowned a cappella group wanted tracks relating to their collective journey. First, find out how their rendition of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Homeward Bound”...
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  • Straight No Chaser (Part 2)

    Straight No Chaser (Part 2)

    S2, Ep. 6

    Members of the famed a cappella group discuss late night rehearsals at Indiana University, talk their early albums (Holiday Spirits, Under The Influence), and reminisce about breaking big on a...
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  • Straight No Chaser (Part 1)

    Straight No Chaser (Part 1)

    S2, Ep. 5

    Members of the famed a cappella group discuss recording their 2008 album, “Holiday Spirits,” describe the fateful call on a New Year’s Day that would eventually lead them to Atlantic...
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  • KYLE


    S2, Ep. 4

    “It’s you giving 110 percent of yourself.” That advice from Snoop Dogg to KYLE was not taken lightly. A 2018, confident debut record, titled “Light of Mine” and featuring 4-time platinum single...
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  • Jess Glynne

    Jess Glynne

    S2, Ep. 3

    “Give yourself every opportunity.” From starting in music management to hitting the top of the charts, the story of the English singer-songwriter is anything but traditional. Discover this journey, from...
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  • Dead Sara

    Dead Sara

    S2, Ep. 2

    It took another singer bailing on the California State Fair for Emily Armstrong to step up to the mic. She hasn’t stepped back since. The singer and guitarist of Dead...
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  • Savannah Conley

    Savannah Conley

    S2, Ep. 1

    It’s all about authenticity for Savannah Conley. From her parents telling her to “never do anything that’s not you,” to her respecting fellow musician Brent Cobb for being “forever and...
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  • Elderbrook


    S1, Ep. 12

    We talk to Elderbrook about the limits of a guitar, waking up with a smile, and the things we do when we’re young.
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  • Sweater Beats

    Sweater Beats

    S1, Ep. 11

    We talk to Antonio Cuna AKA Sweater Beats about growing up around skate culture, the special place Bossa Nova has in his heart, and hearing himself on the jukebox.
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  • Trivium’s Paolo Gregoletto

    Trivium’s Paolo Gregoletto

    S1, Ep. 10

    Paolo Gregoletto of the band Trivium talks to us about the stories behind emotional songs, finding records at the flea market, and getting to those eureka moments in the studio.
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  • Molly Kate Kestner

    Molly Kate Kestner

    S1, Ep. 9

    We spoke to Molly Kate Kestner about fitting in in high school, listening to Prince as a kid, and hearing her brother sing the national anthem.
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  • Whethan


    S1, Ep. 8

    We talk to Chicago-based producer Whethan about mishearing song lyrics, remixing anything he could find, and the importance of having a place to create.
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  • Soleima


    S1, Ep. 7

    Danish musician Soleima talks about discovering the Beatles, hip-hop nostalgia, and going out on her own.
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  • Hayley Kiyoko

    Hayley Kiyoko

    S1, Ep. 6

    We speak with singer-songwriter Hayley Kiyoko about singing on family road trips, middle school angst, and her dream of being in a boy band.
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  • Chappell Roan

    Chappell Roan

    S1, Ep. 5

    Chappell Roan talks to us about the meaning of her name, performing in talent shows, and the secret sounds hidden in her songs.
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  • Lil Skies

    Lil Skies

    S1, Ep. 4

    We talk to Lil Skies about growing up in a small town, putting his own spin on The Sauce, and making music for the world.
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  • Josie Dunne

    Josie Dunne

    S1, Ep. 3

    Musician and songwriter Josie Dunne joins us to talk about singing to herself under the covers, teaching Justin Bieber songs to children, and being a little fish in a big...
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    S1, Ep. 2

    Singer, songwriter, and poet MILCK joins us to discuss writing to the underdog, growing up listening to The Carpenters, and the high of magical songwriting.
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  • Jason Mraz

    Jason Mraz

    S1, Ep. 1

    We talk to award-winning singer-songwriter Jason Mraz about paying the bills, being your own first fan and surrendering to the track.
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