Jefferson Studios talks to artists about songs they made, songs they like, and songs they’d like to have made. It’s an inside look into the craft of making music from the artists themselves.

  • Sister Sledge (Women of Atlantic)

    Sister Sledge (Women of Atlantic)

    S3, Ep. 5

    Kathy Sledge, founding member of Sister Sledge, joins to discuss the legendary group’s beginnings, the legacy of disco, and more. “Respect: The Women of Atlantic” is a special series on...
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  • MILCK (Women of Atlantic)

    MILCK (Women of Atlantic)

    S3, Ep. 4

    The art of the protest song is tracked throughout music history, while an extended conversation with singer-songwriter and activist MILCK anchors our journey. Following our history lesson, MILCK explains the...
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  • ABIR (Women of Atlantic)

    ABIR (Women of Atlantic)

    S3, Ep. 3

    For a while, ABIR’s songwriting didn’t quite match her reality. Not having been in one, she was “writing these heartbreaking songs as if I’d been in a 10-year relationship.” But...
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  • Goody Grace

    Goody Grace

    S3, Ep. 2

    A childhood fandom (and eventual tattoo) of Elvis. A deep love of My Chemical Romance and concept records. A range of influences stretching from Taylor Swift to Danzig. With such...
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  • A R I Z O N A

    A R I Z O N A

    S3, Ep. 1

    When songwriting trio A R I Z O N A talks creativity, it’s in lockstep with authenticity. “It’s a funny sort of thing to pursue, because there’s being creative in...
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